Cyber Solutions

Manufacturing and Design a complete solution of CyberSecurity for Industrial and Embedded Systems. Cyber-security is the practice by using intelligent solutions to defending computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from malicious attacks.

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Our capability extends to:

·         Embedded and technical software

·         Electronics

·         Telecommunications.

·         Mobile systems

·         Machine to machine

·         Networks

·         Aerospace

·         Defense

·         Energy & Utilities

·         Transportation systems.



Cybersecurity of industrial & embedded systems include the following services:


·         Embedded systems and networks security audit

·         Industrial & embedded systems security architecture

·         Software code review and security testing

·         Data security (audits, pentests, crypto analysis, remediation)

·         Risk analysis

·         Security assessment

·         Security policy

·         Pentest

·         Security monitoring

·         Secure coding in order to avoid vulnerabilities and to protect the intellectual property.