Defence Technology

Defence Technology

We are a provider of custom Design systems & solutions, research, science and technology support, to the Governments, Defence Forces and the Ministries of Defence.

MD-Defence Technology Division, supports the Defence forces by providing technical and scientific advice that’s based on good scientific practice, is independent, unbiased, transparent and timely. The technical solutions we develop are used across the spectrum of Defence operations.

We are a consortium business unit, with facilities located at Canada, Netherlands, Mideast.

 Our standards

·       We provide transparent and independent advice that is delivered without hesitation, even when it may conflict with the consumer. We take the calculated risks that are necessary to develop the truly creative outcomes that best support end-user mission.

 ·       We understand the importance of commitment to our customers, our partners, and the community. This commitment is reflected in strong teamwork and in our ongoing efforts to deliver high-quality science-based outcomes to satisfy our mission.

·       Our consortium arises from a special network of alliance, mutual respect, teamwork and working together towards a common target. We recognize that it is our combined efforts that deliver the greatest value.

·       Integrity is the basic value underpinning all we do. It is an essential element of our relationships with each other; it is a crucial contributor to our scientific accuracy and our personal and professional credibility. Our integrity is what gives our customers confidence in our work.

·       Our innovation and creativity are what enables us to provide high quality advice, solutions, and technologies. We continually seek new approaches to produce transformative outcomes.

Our principal sponsors are the Ministries of Defence. We also work with:

        Other Government agencies and entities

        Other science and technology providers in Mideast and overseas

        Defence organizations overseas

        The scientific community (including research organizations and universities)

        Public and private sector organizations and businesses.