Security Technology


Arabic militaries are the of the largest technology users, with a strong dependency on constant innovation to fulfill its missions.  Today, innovation is moving at a much more rapid pace than ever before, making it difficult for the Defense Departments to stay up to date on current and emerging technologies.


MD Technology Accelerator is a non-profit solution, brings together a community of technology experts and innovators from industry, laboratories, and academic institutions to engage with Government and enable rapid technology identification and maturation that seamlessly blends government science and technology needs. Our networks evolve as technology evolves.


MD provides the support and opportunities to improve and accelerate the partnership between Government - Government and/or private sector technologies.  We work closely with both Government and our sources to bridge the gap between technology needs and technology solutions for the Department of Defense and other government entities.


Technology Domains

Innovation benefits from collaboration across multiple technology domains. We bring together a community of a broad range of capabilities, products, thinking, and processes to encourage unique solutions for our military technology needs.

Areas of interest include:

        Energy and Resilience

        Advanced Materials

        Cyber and Software

        Defense Systems and all the Security technologies solutions