Our corporate culture reflects the highest standards of trust, professionalism, and self-discipline. Providing seamless business cooperation, global knowledge sharing, and strategic partnership allows us to achieve our goal of bridging the gap between the world towards value creation. Most of investments offerings may seem financially feasible in general terms but may prove otherwise when all factors are considered. Feasibility studies are therefore often required and considered as the starting point for a successful and profitable new project. KMWSH strategic knowledge with like-minded investment experts and researchers from different parts of the world, and above all, the passion, patience, and perseverance of all our Inventors.

Intellectual property represents an important financial and legal asset for companies, including startups. It is often estimated that intellectual property counts for more than 80% of company’s value. For investors, companies with solid intellectual property portfolio are attractive investment targets.

Making the right investments is crucial for enhancing the market value of your SME. Investing in equipment, property, product development, marketing and research can strongly enhance your business's  financial situation by expanding its asset base and increasing future productivity. Acquiring intellectual property may have a similar effect. Markets will value your company on the basis of its assets, its current business operations, and expectations of future profits. Expectations for future profit may be considerably affected by the acquisition of key patents. There are numerous examples of SMEs that have seen their market value increase overnight as a result of their acquisition of important patents in key technologies.

Similarly, a good trademark with a good reputation among consumers may also enhance your business's  current value and may decisively contribute to making your business's  products and services more attractive to consumers. Investment in developing a good IP portfolio is, therefore, much more than a defensive act against potential competitors. It is a way of increasing your business's  market value and improving future profitability.

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