KMWSH-3BR2D Covid -19 Vaccine Formula

KMWSH Biotech, Biosecurity and Bio-Ai Research & Development Department - 3BR2D

The entire universe is moving very fast trying to find a vaccine for this novel virus, but here at KMWSH our research and development team were alerted in 2012 due to the MERS epidemic that took place in Saudi Arabia, at this time we started developing a therapeutic vaccine based on previously conducted researches done on HIV virus to analyze its mode of action, this vaccine is constructed upon a new method which makes it capable on dealing with all mutated and enveloped viruses. Based on a new postulated mode of action that this unique viruses uses we were able to detect and understand the cause behind the failure to develop immunity or even develop a vaccine, this is due to the ability of the virus to excite the immune cells specified in production of negative antibodies to produce them in a vast amount and nonstop, this makes scientists thinks it’s a sign that the body is doing a positive immune reaction but in the matter of fact it’s a sign that a coupling reaction between the virus and the antibodies is made to create circulating immune complex which gives the virus the ability to be dormant for a duration and active in another several times making us believe that it vanishes. Our company is able to provide what we presume, and we have a full trust in our hypothesis that made us able to create a vaccine that surpasses what any other company can produce. Recently our researchers have developed so much in the artificial intelligence and biological fields we started creating multiple scenarios to help us understand the virus mode of action and create a matching biological scenario this gives us the advantages on dealing with any biological viruses in the future.


KMWSH Senior Leadership Team

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